Our Team

Sandra Biewald

Managing Director, Teacher of German as a Foreign Language

Sandra Biewald is an expert when it comes to international work. She recognized her passion for languages early on and so she moved to England to study General Linguistics and Japanese. Afterwards, her way through Switzerland and her studies of German as a Foreign Language in Leipzig led to a career at a renowned private educational institution for 12 years, where she was most recently responsible for vocational training, quality management and international projects as site manager. She now benefits from the experience she gained there as managing director of her own educational institution, DIE PERSPEKTIVENSCHMIEDE.

Sandra Biewald forges perspectives by implementing ideas in a quality-conscious manner, by working efficiently in projects and by eloquently putting thoughts and intentions on paper. 


  • Qualifications
    • Magister Artium in General Linguistics and German as a Foreign Language
    • Approved teacher of integration and literacy courses (Federal Office for Migration and Refugees)
  • Expertise
    • Auditor
    • Communication
    • International Projects
    • Vocational education and training
    • Marketing
    • Quality management
    • Creation of concepts

Peggy Prinz-Schmidt

Social Pedagogue, Coach

Peggy Prinz-Schmidt has been working on the subject of continued professional development since studying social pedagogy. She has worked with a renowned educational institution for more than 15 years, successfully establishing new sites, developing new business areas, services and personnel. She now uses the knowledge and skills she has acquired in the process, paired with her personal strengths to promote her own educational institution, DIE PERSPEKTIVENSCHMIEDE.

Peggy Prinz-Schmidt forges perspectives by generating creative ideas, by swiftly finding alternatives and by establishing and maintaining network contacts with determination.


  • Qualifications
    • Certified Social Pedagogue 
    • Deputy Chairwoman Mitteldeutscher Verband für Weiterbildung e.V. (Central German Association for Further Education) 
  • Expertise
    • Communication
    • Continued Professional Development
    • Coaching
    • Conflict Management
    • Strength orientation

Silke Radke

Assistant to the Managing Director, Coach

Silke Radke completed her training as a dental assistant and then worked in the service sector for a long time. During this time she cultivated empathetic contact with customers, participants, coaches and patients of all kinds and moods. She brings this personal strength to our educational institution DIE PERSPEKTIVENSCHMIEDE after a professional reorientation, which consisted of retraining as an office manager and the successful completion of the instructor qualification.

Silke Radke forges perspectives by welcoming you to our premises with a smile or giving you a first impression on the phone, by taking meticulous care of the preparation and administration of documents and by making sure that participants and coaches feel at home with us. 


  • Qualifications
    • Dental Assistant
    • Office Manager (CCI)
    • Qualified instructor (CCI)
  • Expertise
    • Reception
    • Office management and general administration
    • Application coaching